Condenser-compressor units


  • Water-cooled condenser-compressor units up to 25 kW
  • Made-to measure air-cooled condenser-compressor units, pre-assembled for several cooling points or with heat recovery control, for example also as frequency controlled applications or with EC-technology
  • Split-type condenser-compressor units

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Chilling vats


  • plug-in or centrally refrigerated
  • in accordance with catering industry standards or individual requirements up to 3 m

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Refrigeration systems


  • plug-in or pre-finished refrigeration systems
  • for commercial and industrial customers in the following districts:
    • Canteen equipment and large-scale catering establishment
    • store construction
    • laboratory and medical technology
    • machine and plant engineering
    • commercial household appliances

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Liquid cooler


  • for: Process refrigeration for industrial and commercial purposes
  • trace refrigeration
  • temperature control unit

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Refrigeration and industrial components

Kälte- und Idustriekomponenten

  • Tailoring of evaporator assembly kits
  • PUR foaming of various components
  • Production of pipelines based on drawings or samples
  • Refrigeration kits made to customer´s specification
  • Design of sheet metal components

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Special equipment

You have a refrigeration, air conditioning or heat pump technical task to solve?Sonderanlagen
We provide:

  • Conceptual study
  • Planning
  • Construction
  • Testing
  • Manufacturing

A single-source solution!

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