About us

Since 1927 refrigerating systems have been made in Scharfenstein, Germany. It was this traditional location that in  1992 the company Dieter Rochhausen was founded. In 1999 the company was re-named as ROCHHAUSEN Kältesysteme GmbH and manufactures today in two locations in Scharfenstein (community Drebach).

We provide customized solutions for industrial refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump technology systems, kits and special equipment of up to 15 kW in the standard range and 5 kW when it comes to low-temperature applications.

No matter what the job is – individual units, small batches or batches of several thousand pieces – our skillful staff can make it at our state-of-the-art production facilities.

We see ourselves as system suppliers for industry and trade providing in Europe and beyond, who provides high-quality  products “Made in Germany”.


Our machinery

  • Assembly lines for alternating flow-line and single-piece production with modern torch as well as induction soldering
  • Automatic evacuating and refrigerant filling stations, also for natural (flammable) refrigerant
  • High-precision safety testing equipment and computer-aided performance tests
  • 3D-automatic pipeline bending machines with pipeline-dressing unit
  • High-pressure PUR foaming machine
  • Vacuum forming machine
  • Inductive soldering station for solder assemblies Cu/Cu and CuZn/Cu
  • TIG welding stations
  • Own design of sheet metal components with trimming-press, special press fit technology
  • Facilities for cable assembly
  • Pressing technology for crimping connections to refrigerant hoses
  • Own prototype building and test station
  • Climate chamber with computer-aided measuring equipment
  • Own construction with stereoscopic drawings (Solide Edge) und powerful 3D printer


The newly established manufacturing and logistic center is located in the operation part 2, Scharfenstein, August-Bebel-Str. 24P, 09430 Drebach.
The administration, construction and the repair department are in the operation part 1, Scharfenstein, Hopfgartener Str. 38c, 09430 Drebach.